We are well-know suppliers, manufacturers and exporters that aims Calgary, Canada for our rotary screw air compressor that are manufactured within the strict supervision of our team engineers to ensure that the produces is of high-quality and QC passed with complying the international standard.  We also offer to our esteemed customer the cities within such as Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Irricana, Strathmore, Black Diamond and the like. Since we are well versed both domestic and international market we deliver on time to our customers and we provide customized product to our esteemed customers.

Our air compressor are design in such a way that the client can see through the mobile phone APP to realize the remote visual function, even if he or she is thousands of miles away one can monitor the air compressor system in real time. We specially design if any potential failure warning function the intelligent system will send the client failure information through the mobile phone APP, so that maintenance can be done and ensures the courage of the continuous and stable production system. This keeps the air compressor in a stable running state by detecting the subtle changes in air consumption of the system, and obtains a good energy-saving experience.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor - Rotary Screw Air Compressor Supplier in Calgary

It also benefits the client in such way like they are deal for both mobile and standalone applications that are on vehicles and trailers, as well as in industrial, production and medical facilities, where high-quality equipment is required. Our compressors are continuous airflow that comes with larger quantities of air and longer lifespan of the machine.

We offer much quieter air compressor that most customers appreciate the longevity, reliability, and easy access to instant air. Our compressor comes with limited lifetime warranties that come with some rotary screw air compressors, like VMAC’s. These types of warranties are available because the rotors and air-ends are proven to stand the test of time—or, more specifically, the life of a modern service truck. Our VMAC rotary screw air-end outlived the truck it was installed on.

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